Monday, 21 July 2014

Baltics go Bernina

When Dan said that they are touring Europe, climbing mountains, drinking wine and they are about to stop in Zurich, Saule and I joined them for the weekend with a holiday feel.

Piz Bernina. Biancograt is the right skyline

We decided to check out Engadin and climb the elegant Biancograt up Piz Bernina. We walked up to the base on Friday night as sun was setting and made our beds for a good night’s sleep, gazing at the starry skies. After a way-too-early alarm rang we hiked up to the col to reach the aptly named snow ridge. What followed was a couple of pitches of rocky ridge taking us to the top of Bernina. Several snacks and a rather long descend later we were having pizza and wine at Silvaplana. Great weather and magnificent views made for a truly enjoyable outing. The good pictures below are from Dan and the rest are ours.

All good climbs start with a good breakfast. L to R: Helina, yours truly, Kristian and Dan enjoying the sun in Thalwil.

Some idiot tourist

Piz Bernina on the approach.

Saule enjoying the morning

What went wrong with the tilt ? 

A touch windy on the snow ridge.  Saule, Kristian and Dan

Getting there. Snow ridge seen behind Kristian is the B-grat.
The ridge malarkey.

Loving the views and my new shell.

Summit - Selfie. The Estonians were diligent enough to bring the flag. Saule and I are holding one to be photo-shopped in at a later date. 
And of course, the gadget section. Now it is way out of date to just have one GPS while driving. Check out Dan's rig below. A tablet and a phone seamlessly installed into the Subaru.

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