Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Averstal - Thron

Finally got to climb some ice this year. In the hindsight though, probably should have chosen a different day.

Thron, first money pitch.

When Rafal heard that the conditions were good on one of the on-everybody's-ticklist ice routes Thron, in Averstal, we decided to check it out on Saturday. Usually it looks quite impressive and even has a fair bit of story going on, but on a gloomy morning we nearly drove past it.
Not too impressive today.
During the approach it finally shoved the pretty side and the closer we got, the better(and steeper) it looked. The first pitches weren't fully formed, so we were scratching rock quite a bit. But then the two money pitches came and the climbing was rather pleasant. Compact ice, with a couple of cauliflowers on the way and a few atmospheric niches here and there. By the time I got to the top of the second money pitch, quite a lot of snow has fallen already and I had to dive in a few spindrift showers.

Rafal on the sketchy start.

Fun climbing
Top of P1.

I'm about to top out close to the end of P2.   Now you see me ...

... now you don't

Snowy on top
Going down was fast, due to good ice and abalakovs already in place. I was going first and on the last abseil, I swung by our cache to pick up our bag, poles and a shovel. A few moments later, a massive spindrift round hit me and was taking its time to stop. After it did, I saw that our poles and shovel which weren't properly fixed to the bag were gone. Uff..

Going down
Since the snow didn't bring much fun this time, Saule and I went to Andermatt to make better use of all the white stuff that has fallen. Snow was deep, turns were pleasant, good time was had.

Saule making a better use of the snow.

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