Friday, 24 July 2015

Family time on Piz Palü

When I started heading off to the hills, my first climbing partners were my parents. They took me on skiing trips, we went hiking together and even ventured as far afield as Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan to climb some of the 7k peaks in there. Ever since, every time we get to spend time in the mountains together it proves to be a great trip.
Piz Palü
This summer, as part of their eurotrip they stopped in Thalwil for some swimming in Zurisee and Limmat. Needless to say they were also eager to get out in the hills, so Saule and I joined them and we headed to Engadin for the weekend, hoping to get up the pretty summit of Piz Palü. After waiting out a summer evening thunderstorm, we walked up to Diavolezza to enjoy the starry sky and get a few hours sleep.

With an early start we got to the Pers glacier which was in excellent morning condition. Meandering around the intricate crevasses and seracs, we reached the east ridge. A few hundred meters of beautiful ridge climbing took us to the summit. Great views of Bernina range and mountains further away made it a perfect place for a family picnic. Already looking forward to our next adventure together!

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