Tuesday, 31 January 2017


Every-time I go to Spain, I am stunned by the quality and the quantity of bolted limestone. Whether you go to Siurana or Rodellar, there is usually a common theme - an old town, tucked away in a spectacular valley with miles of orange rock stretching in all direction. This time we went to Chulilla - a medieval town with a buzzing climbing scene and we even got to stay in a house build centuries ago.

It was planned as a get-together of friends, with Aiste taking a break from bookwriting to find this spot, organise the trip and even score a medieval house for our banter in the evenings.

What ensued was a week of morning coffees in the town square followed by some bolt clipping and usually topped off with a few Cervezas and great food

While climbing was certainly not the most important part of this trip, I did get to climb a couple of routes that were exceptionally good. Two that come to my mind immediately are La pantonera and La columna olvidada, both of which I could get on my second go.

Unfortunately, the mega sectors of Oasis and Chorreras were wet when we were there. They looked spectacular though and might just be worthwhile coming back for.

Meanwhile, back in CH:

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