Sunday, 1 June 2014


With just one free day before experiments in Saclay, Saule and I decided to check out the Alpstein in Appenzell. Since we always struggle with the route choices, we just went for the longest one - Alpsteinmarathon (topo) - 800 meters up to 6b+ lead to the top of Hundstein.

Saule high up on the route.

As it was raining on Friday and Saturday morning was rather gloomy too, we decided to sleep in and have long breakfast watching the rocks dry. We only started climbing by noon which was a lot of fun but meant that we missed the last regular bus and had to call in for a Publicar to pick us up. In turn, we had a chance to partake in Saturday night party in Appenzell's Limone's Pub. Pretty fun day altogether. Work now.

Walk in through the drizzle

It cleared out eventually

Some of the climbing was rather pleasant

Not always obvious though

And it got a touch nippy towards the evening


Perhaps it's a good time to go bouldering.

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