Monday, 13 October 2014

North-East face of Lyskamm

"No sense packing a stove you can't light" Mark Twight

So we learned...

Dehydrated. Still happy.

Frieder, Saule and me were camped at the base of the Lyskamm north face after a long approach from Rotenboden. The face above looked really nice and the Matterhorn in the west made the view even better. The only problem was that our stove was not working.

After spending the evening trying to start the fire (believe me, it got weird several times ..) and contemplating the bailing option, we decided to try and melt some snow by using our body heat. This made the night slightly less pleasant, but we started off in the morning with half a liter of water each. Dehydrated, we were moving slow and it took us 5 hours to reach the summit from our tent. The climbing was mellow, yet pretty fun and we had an enjoyable day after all.

Catching the last train turned out to be a bit of a push, especially for me with my poor post-expedition shape, so got pretty knackered by the time we rolled into the train. Clearly we had to finish of with burgers in Zermatt!


Frieder and Saule getting us there. We were alone in the whole area. While we had to break trail and punch through a few crevasses, it was nice to have the campsite and the face to ourselves.

Cool place for a campsite.

Nice views

And then the ridiculousness started.

Morning shrund

Saule midway the face


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